Using classical methods, we work horses with all levels of prior training.  We can start the young horse
    under saddle and continue his education through International levels.

    Our goal is to advance horses in training at a rate appropriate to the horse's growth and maturity to
    achieve a sound mind and body.  We will work with the green horse or the more advanced horse to
    create a solid foundation for the horse to progress and achieve whatever level the owner wants,
    whether it is a loving pleasure horse or the highest levels of International competition.

    Call for information on current fees and availability.
Both of these pictures are of Lena with Diane.  One of our long-time clients bought her as
an unstarted 3 year and Diane has done all the training on her.
The first picture shows Diane holding her after she was unloaded from the trailer.  Lena
was turning 3 years old and was ready to be Started under saddle.  She was 15.1 hands
and weighted about 800 lbs.  
The second picture was 2 years later at her first show at 16.1 hands and 1400 lbs.
Lena - One Client's Horse at Camelot