Camelot teaches Eventing, Jumping, Dressage, Equitation, and general pleasure.

    If you own your own horse, that's great, you can either bring it for your lessons (with required Coggins test and
    other vaccinations), or take your lessons on one of our trained horses that is at the correct level for your riding.  
    Many of our students do not own their own horse and Camelot Horse Center has schooled (trained) horses that
    they ride for their lessons and can use for competition. We have horses that are gentle and kind enough for very
    small children and nervous adults, but we also have experienced competition horses that can take a rider through
    to high levels of major competitions.  

    Although we do not RENT our horses to the public, we allow our regular students to schedule practice time on the
    school horses by paying an additional hourly fee (this is once the student can saddle and have control of their
    horse without the constant supervision of an instructor).

    Students at Camelot

    We start our beginner level students on a longe line so we can guide the horse they are riding and they can
    concentrate on just staying on top and getting familiar with the movement of the horse.  Once the rider is
    comfortable on top and is no longer in danger of falling off, we proceed to the student working the horse off the line
    and on the rail of the arena under their own control.  To maximize your ride time, we ask that the students show up
    at least 15 minutes before their lesson in order to groom (brush and clean the horse) and tack up (put the saddle
    and bridle on the horse) and then stay a little after the lesson to help untack the horse (remove the saddle and
    Under Texas law, all riders under 18 are REQUIRED to wear an ASTM F1163-15/SEI Certified hardhat while riding.  
    No exceptions are allowed at Camelot Horse Center.  
    Although hard hats are not required by law in Texas for riders over 18, we require all beginning riders to wear hard hats until they are
    secure on the horse.  We also require anyone doing jumping to wear a hard hat, regardless of age.

    All riders:
    It gets hot in this part of Texas, so please bring cool water or sports drinks when you ride.  The water at the barn is safe for humans to
    drink (it is the same well as used at the house), but it is not cold.

    Students are required to have long pants (riding pants are best but not required) and some sort of hard soled shoe or boot with a heel. No
    tennis shoes or boots with expanded and thickened soles.  There are hard hats available at the barn for new students to use.  After one
    month of lessons, if the student wishes to continue, the student should purchase their own hard hat and their own saddle pad.

    Intermediate to Advanced:
    If you are a more advanced rider, or you think you might be, come prepared with appropriate riding attire, including riding boots or
    paddock boots with half-chaps, helmet, riding crop or dressage whip. We have a variety of tack and other equipment that will fit our horses
    and most riders, but you should have your own saddle pad. If you have your own tack, we will review it for proper fit before you use it on
    our horses.

    Advanced Competition Students:
    If you are serious about competing, we recommend that you either lease or buy a horse that is trained in that discipline and is an
    appropriate fit for you. For competition, you should form a partnership with the horse you will be riding and the best way for that to happen
    is for you to own or lease the horse you will be riding. We have horses for lease that can be used in all disciplines that we teach and can
    assist in finding an appropriate mount for you to buy if we do not have what you need. You should also have the appropriate tack,
    grooming equipment and supplies necessary to groom and prepare your horse for showing.
Student Requirements

    One hour private, also available in package of four or more.  
    Group lessons are only available in packages of 4 one hour lessons if an appropriate Group is available.
    There is a discount when pre-paying for a package of 4 or more lessons.  Some riders want to take more than one lesson a week and
    some months have more than 4 weeks.  
    Contact us for current prices.

    Contact us for fees and schedules for off-campus PE.  Fees will depend on the type of off-campus PE.

    The student is required to give us 24 hour advance notice if they are not going to be able to attend their scheduled lesson.  Failure to
    notify in advance may result in loss of lesson fee.  In the case of an emergency or illness, Camelot should be notified as soon as
    possible.  The makeup lesson must be rescheduled to occur within 15 days.

    Makeup lessons not rescheduled within 15 days will be subject to a forfeit with no refund of the purchase price.

    Additional Competition Fees:
    If you plan to compete and do not own your own horse and trailer, additional fees will apply:
  • Rental of horse
  • Local hauling - flat rate within 50 miles of greater Houston area. Fees for hauling to shows that are farther away will be determined
    when entries are made
  • Instruction at local shows - If shows are outside the area, additional expenses may apply; these will be defined when entries are made

    Camelot Horse Center fees do not include any fees charged by the horse shows, such as entry fees, stalls, etc. These will be the
    responsibility of the person entering the show (or their parent/guardian in the case of minors)..
Preteens in a group lesson

    As the rider advances and has basic control of the horse at walk, trot, and canter, they may have the option of moving into a group lesson (3 to
    5 students), of similar age and skill if available.  We structure a lesson program for the rider's interests - if the rider wants to pursue jumping, we
    provide that type of training, but if the rider prefers to stay closer to the ground, we can tailor the instruction toward equitation or dressage.

    Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to helping you with your riding
    Group Lessons

    Our group lessons are for students of similar age and skills.  Group lessons are only available if the student's riding ability and age match an
    existing group. If we don't have a group at your level, bring your friends (of similar riding skills) and we'll form a new group for you.  As a general
    rule, we would group our students under-11 years old together, our 12-17 years old together, and over 18 years old would ride in adult classes.  
    Our adult classes would be riders of similar ability and unspecified age.  
Longe Line lesson: The horse is on a long line and is being moved in a
circle so the instructor on the ground can control the horse's speed
and direction.  This allows the rider to work on balance and position.
    Working Students
    Camelot occasionally accepts working students that are at least 16 years of age with their own reliable transportation and a willingness to
    commit to a regular schedule at Camelot.  Required skills to include at a minimum: show grooming, proper tacking, basic equitation,
    understanding of simple medications. Working students help with cleaning tack, grooming, and other duties as assigned in exchange for
    some of their lessons or ride time.  To be accepted, a working student must demonstrate the necessary minimum skills.